Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's NBA

To be a NBA player is many people's dream. Because NBA is a topnotch place of basketball. Many country's best player play basketball at here .There are many different teams in the different divisions.
It needs to play 82 games each season. The best eight of each conference will go to the playoff.
When you win eleven games, you can play the final game of the playoff.If you win four games first ,you can get the championship. The champion of 2006-07 season is San Antonio spur.2007-08 NBA regular season will begin on October thirty-first(Taiwan time).


ASC4@ ALC said...
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ASC4@ ALC said...

I am Young. I really like this post because I don't know what NBA means. It is useful to a person who just contact with NBA. It explain lots of knowlege of basketball. But I think Ethen should give us more information, like: How many teams are play in NBA. This is the only black mark. If you fixed it, your blog will become better.

ASC4@ ALC said...

I am winner.I really like this
base ball let's people
know about what NBA means.I tells
a lot about basketball.I thoght
you can tell us that how much
people are playing in NBA.

ASC4@ ALC said...

I don't know well by NBA,but when i saw your basketball blog i knew about it . And i thought
if Michal still plays in bulls they will have more better grades.But the wizard will have more
good grades then before