Saturday, March 29, 2008


''What idea do you have?''said Jean ''First,we need to have power to fit with them. Second, maybe we can make some fake images to let them stay in Earth, and we can put the fake images to other planet ,Eartand then copy h's energy to the planet, so Earth won't get hurt.'' ''Then?''said Allen ''Then we can steal one boat to their planet and save them.'' ''Good idea.''said Jonathan ''But the problem is, where is the planet?'' ''Well,they must have the way to return their home, and we can use this way to there.'' ''Oh! I finally understand.'' ''Okay. Let's move on. We don't have much time.''said Michael. Everyone go to different cities different country to find the materials.They invaded to each countrys' Ministry of National Defense to ''borrow'' the machines and components to build the images makers.

They build those machines every days.And they worked nineteen hours in a day,too. After two months, it's the day they always wait.They were very worry for their families.So this was their final way.It must be success or the humans will extinct. '' Ready?'' ''Of course!'' ''Go with the plan ''said Willy

They were on the fake Earth now.Soon,lots of UFO appeared and many E.Ts jumped to the floor.The E.Ts started to searched and distory the buildings.Michael and his friends ran to the airport . They thought many UFO,then they walked slowly and quietly.They get on the UFO quickly and killed all the E.T on it.Suddenly their UFO get shoot.''Turn on the UFO''said Michael.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Michael and their friends were thinking the ways. On night, when Michael was sleeping, and he dreamed a strange dream. He saw a weird place and many unusual creatures.He was very surprised, because they didn't talk ,but they still can give others informations and worked together.And Michael can read the things they are talking.Michael finally knew they were the E.T who kidnapped the humans. And he was looking around this planet from someone ,who sent the message,but he can't find out who.Soon this creature walked into a big room.Then it said''Do you found the silver power?'' ''Yes, sir! We took all the creatures from the blue planet and ready to find the silver power,and then blanket bombing.'' ''Good job! But we need to hurry.The king was angry now.'' ''Yes, sir!'' ''What time can it begin probably?'' ''Maybe after two months'' ''More quickly!''

Michael woke up quickly and with a start.He woke everyone up quickly.'' Everybody go to the ladoratory now!'' After five minutes when everyone went into the ladoratory ,Michael said'' We have a big problem now.'' ''What's going on?''asked Jean ''The E.T are coming!''Then Michael told them his dream. ''How do you know?'' '' I dreamed it''said Michael ''Oh! Come on ! It was a dream.''said Leon ''Hey! Now everythings are possible. Before this time you still believe there no E.T in the world aren't you? Other people were disappeared ,so it wasn't strange.''said Michael ''But what can we do?'' said Willy ''I still thinking.'' '' I know how to do'' '' Who said that?''said Michael ''Me! Your classmate.'' ''Jonathan!''everyone surprised ''Don't welcome me?''said Jonathan. ''Everybody listen to me.We are the team now.We need to unitedly now.'' ''Sure''said Mary''Good disourse and fast and clear volition.''said Jonathan ''Shut up and work.''said Mary.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


'' Look at these ugly creatures'' ''Big eyes, small nose,tiny mouth. See! They don't have ears and they are bald .'' ''Yeah! And their faces are full of wrinkle'' '' Hey! It's not funny.Something happened and it concern our live.'' '' Okay,what's wrong?'' ''Don't you felt everyone disppear? I thought must those guys kidnap our family and other human.'' ''But why we still here ?''said Allen ''I'm looking now.''said Michael. Three minutes later,Michael found something.''Oh no! It can't be'' '' What's problem?'' ''Listen! I know this is crazy,but do you remember the summer camp when we were third grades in Junior high?'' ''It's second grade.'' said everyone ''Never mind. Remember I fainted and slept two days?''said Michael ''What do you want to say?'' '' I saw an UFO the night, then I touch some fluid.The silver fluid!Then I turn to now what you see. Became smarter,run faster.And I forgot to tell you.I almost can fly.'' '' How fun.'' ''Really! I can show you '' '' Let's see'' said Leon.

They walked out the ladoratory. '' Watch it'' Soon Michael start to ran. He ran faster and faster.Suddenly he disppeared and the wind blew up. '' Hey! I'm here.Up here.'' '' Oh,sh.....'' '' Don't say bad word.''said Mary. He appeared near by Leon. '' Can you believe now? '' '' O......O.....O K.''said Leon '' Let's go inside.'' ''But why other people disppeared and we don't?'' ''Wait. Let me clean up the informations.''

''Okay. That's because you have some unusual energy. And the rise is me. I think because you are my friends.You stayed on the mountain when I touch the UFO.'' ''So what are we going to do?''said Mary. '' I put the positioner of the satellite in my family's dinner before. Then we can know where they go.''said Michael ''You are genius.'' said Jean

Half hour later.'' Oh no.'' ''What?'' ''No answer.No signal!''said Michael ''Why?''Willy asked '' I don't know. Maybe the E.T's electromagnetic wave destroy all the machines.''said Machael. '' Now what are we going to do?'' ''So we need to find out other way.''

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Then after two weeks, he finished to arrange the ladoratory.There were LCD T.V and computers, the most advanced equipment in the world, and he also invented the weapons. He rewrote the computer program and build the protect systematic to protect his secrets. And he made a robot to help the works.He also built many flee ways,so he can do anything in it and nobody will know.

This week ,Michael graduated from the college. He was too smart, so he got an honorary degree and many other record with science, sport, architecture,medical science and mechanical kinetics.
He was the famous student in the college. At the graduate night, he got a big sick.He felt his head broke, the every way on his were itch , the bones were knocking and the breath became hardly.
He can't sleep.He can't move. And he can't talk.Soon he fainted and fell in sleep.And nobody know.This problem continued whole week. He dreamed the same dream in the week.He thought that was only coincidence.But he didn't know the nightmare was coming.

One night, when he woke up.He called his dad and mom,but nobody answer.He thought they just went out and bought something, so he didn't think about it. After three hours,they didn't come back. Now he start worry. Michael ran outside,but he didn't see any cars or humans.Include animals and insects.Then he ran to his ladoratory and checked the pictures last night.He called his friends, but most of them didn't pick up the phone.Two hours later, they came to Michael's house.''Wow!I went to you house many time. I didn't know you have the secret room that interest.'' ''Forget it! We get a big problem''said Michael ''I know. Everyone was gone''said Willy. ''Yes!And we also lost foods,water,and energy.''said Michael ''See these pictures.'' ''Oh,my god!''

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chapter 7

Michael ran to school. He ran very fast ,but he didn't felt tired. When he arrived to the school , he didn't had any sweat on his face and he breathe deeply.Then he walked into school.''Hey. Little cowardly man.'' ''What's wrong punk?''said Michael ''What did you call me?''Jonathan yelled. ''P-U-N-K.Got it?'' Jonathan yelled again'' Beat him'' ''Come on. If you think you can catch me,turtles.'' Tom, Harry ,Jimmy and John besieged Michael. Tom wileded his Switzerland knife.
And John ,Jimmy and Harry hold on the fist.Soon they all attacked Michael. But Michael hit Tom hardly first and Tom flew out and hit on the wall. He felt all the bone of his body got broke.John, Jimmy and Harry surprised and scared. Jonathan was dumpfounded.An instand, three of the other were fell down ,too.Then Jonathan ran into the building and yelled ''I'm sorry. Don't kill me.'' ''Who is the cowardly man?''said Michael

Michael picked up his schoolbag and walked into the school .''Hurray~hurray~hurray~''All the students screamed and cheered ''You are our hero.'' '' I love you.'' ''Let's celebrate!'' ''That's only lift a finger.''After this incident,Jonathan never bullied people. He was respectful to Michael. But Michael felt something wrong. He was dumb on athletics, but he became the fastest person in the school and one who jump the highest.He rewrite all the record in all the junior high's contest.
And he became smarter. But he have a hot temper.He didn't respect his family and teacher,but he still good to friend.

One day ,when Michael woke up , he got an idea. He decided to build a laboratory. He ran down into the basement to take the things he need.Then he ran to the garden and started to dug a hole. In this time ,his family wasn't at home.So he can work whole morning.After four months, the laboratory was finished.He went to the garbage field to found the old computers and T.V's components to structure his ladoratory. And also made some secrets in the room.