Saturday, March 29, 2008


''What idea do you have?''said Jean ''First,we need to have power to fit with them. Second, maybe we can make some fake images to let them stay in Earth, and we can put the fake images to other planet ,Eartand then copy h's energy to the planet, so Earth won't get hurt.'' ''Then?''said Allen ''Then we can steal one boat to their planet and save them.'' ''Good idea.''said Jonathan ''But the problem is, where is the planet?'' ''Well,they must have the way to return their home, and we can use this way to there.'' ''Oh! I finally understand.'' ''Okay. Let's move on. We don't have much time.''said Michael. Everyone go to different cities different country to find the materials.They invaded to each countrys' Ministry of National Defense to ''borrow'' the machines and components to build the images makers.

They build those machines every days.And they worked nineteen hours in a day,too. After two months, it's the day they always wait.They were very worry for their families.So this was their final way.It must be success or the humans will extinct. '' Ready?'' ''Of course!'' ''Go with the plan ''said Willy

They were on the fake Earth now.Soon,lots of UFO appeared and many E.Ts jumped to the floor.The E.Ts started to searched and distory the buildings.Michael and his friends ran to the airport . They thought many UFO,then they walked slowly and quietly.They get on the UFO quickly and killed all the E.T on it.Suddenly their UFO get shoot.''Turn on the UFO''said Michael.

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