Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chapter 7

Michael ran to school. He ran very fast ,but he didn't felt tired. When he arrived to the school , he didn't had any sweat on his face and he breathe deeply.Then he walked into school.''Hey. Little cowardly man.'' ''What's wrong punk?''said Michael ''What did you call me?''Jonathan yelled. ''P-U-N-K.Got it?'' Jonathan yelled again'' Beat him'' ''Come on. If you think you can catch me,turtles.'' Tom, Harry ,Jimmy and John besieged Michael. Tom wileded his Switzerland knife.
And John ,Jimmy and Harry hold on the fist.Soon they all attacked Michael. But Michael hit Tom hardly first and Tom flew out and hit on the wall. He felt all the bone of his body got broke.John, Jimmy and Harry surprised and scared. Jonathan was dumpfounded.An instand, three of the other were fell down ,too.Then Jonathan ran into the building and yelled ''I'm sorry. Don't kill me.'' ''Who is the cowardly man?''said Michael

Michael picked up his schoolbag and walked into the school .''Hurray~hurray~hurray~''All the students screamed and cheered ''You are our hero.'' '' I love you.'' ''Let's celebrate!'' ''That's only lift a finger.''After this incident,Jonathan never bullied people. He was respectful to Michael. But Michael felt something wrong. He was dumb on athletics, but he became the fastest person in the school and one who jump the highest.He rewrite all the record in all the junior high's contest.
And he became smarter. But he have a hot temper.He didn't respect his family and teacher,but he still good to friend.

One day ,when Michael woke up , he got an idea. He decided to build a laboratory. He ran down into the basement to take the things he need.Then he ran to the garden and started to dug a hole. In this time ,his family wasn't at home.So he can work whole morning.After four months, the laboratory was finished.He went to the garbage field to found the old computers and T.V's components to structure his ladoratory. And also made some secrets in the room.

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