Sunday, March 9, 2008


Then after two weeks, he finished to arrange the ladoratory.There were LCD T.V and computers, the most advanced equipment in the world, and he also invented the weapons. He rewrote the computer program and build the protect systematic to protect his secrets. And he made a robot to help the works.He also built many flee ways,so he can do anything in it and nobody will know.

This week ,Michael graduated from the college. He was too smart, so he got an honorary degree and many other record with science, sport, architecture,medical science and mechanical kinetics.
He was the famous student in the college. At the graduate night, he got a big sick.He felt his head broke, the every way on his were itch , the bones were knocking and the breath became hardly.
He can't sleep.He can't move. And he can't talk.Soon he fainted and fell in sleep.And nobody know.This problem continued whole week. He dreamed the same dream in the week.He thought that was only coincidence.But he didn't know the nightmare was coming.

One night, when he woke up.He called his dad and mom,but nobody answer.He thought they just went out and bought something, so he didn't think about it. After three hours,they didn't come back. Now he start worry. Michael ran outside,but he didn't see any cars or humans.Include animals and insects.Then he ran to his ladoratory and checked the pictures last night.He called his friends, but most of them didn't pick up the phone.Two hours later, they came to Michael's house.''Wow!I went to you house many time. I didn't know you have the secret room that interest.'' ''Forget it! We get a big problem''said Michael ''I know. Everyone was gone''said Willy. ''Yes!And we also lost foods,water,and energy.''said Michael ''See these pictures.'' ''Oh,my god!''

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