Sunday, March 16, 2008


'' Look at these ugly creatures'' ''Big eyes, small nose,tiny mouth. See! They don't have ears and they are bald .'' ''Yeah! And their faces are full of wrinkle'' '' Hey! It's not funny.Something happened and it concern our live.'' '' Okay,what's wrong?'' ''Don't you felt everyone disppear? I thought must those guys kidnap our family and other human.'' ''But why we still here ?''said Allen ''I'm looking now.''said Michael. Three minutes later,Michael found something.''Oh no! It can't be'' '' What's problem?'' ''Listen! I know this is crazy,but do you remember the summer camp when we were third grades in Junior high?'' ''It's second grade.'' said everyone ''Never mind. Remember I fainted and slept two days?''said Michael ''What do you want to say?'' '' I saw an UFO the night, then I touch some fluid.The silver fluid!Then I turn to now what you see. Became smarter,run faster.And I forgot to tell you.I almost can fly.'' '' How fun.'' ''Really! I can show you '' '' Let's see'' said Leon.

They walked out the ladoratory. '' Watch it'' Soon Michael start to ran. He ran faster and faster.Suddenly he disppeared and the wind blew up. '' Hey! I'm here.Up here.'' '' Oh,sh.....'' '' Don't say bad word.''said Mary. He appeared near by Leon. '' Can you believe now? '' '' O......O.....O K.''said Leon '' Let's go inside.'' ''But why other people disppeared and we don't?'' ''Wait. Let me clean up the informations.''

''Okay. That's because you have some unusual energy. And the rise is me. I think because you are my friends.You stayed on the mountain when I touch the UFO.'' ''So what are we going to do?''said Mary. '' I put the positioner of the satellite in my family's dinner before. Then we can know where they go.''said Michael ''You are genius.'' said Jean

Half hour later.'' Oh no.'' ''What?'' ''No answer.No signal!''said Michael ''Why?''Willy asked '' I don't know. Maybe the E.T's electromagnetic wave destroy all the machines.''said Machael. '' Now what are we going to do?'' ''So we need to find out other way.''

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