Saturday, April 5, 2008


''Quickly!''Leon yelled. ''Put up the landing stuff over there.'' ''Rewrite the program and set the interfere electromagnetic wave now.'' ''Got it.'' ''Find the flying programs to search that planet.'' ''Ready.'' ''Okay. Let's go.''They flew into the sky.''Open the protective screen.''said Michael ''Finished'' ''Open all the engines.We need to get out here by one breath.'' ''Yes,sir'' ''Everyone sit straight and hold on.'' The UFO left the planet quickly.And this planet didn't have aerosphere so they were in the space now.''We have two weeks to arrive to that planet. And this boat has many informations we need. Include the map of the planet.'' ''Okay. Let's work.''said Michael.

''I never see the space before. If they didn't get kidnap,I think I won't here in my life.''said Jean ''Me too.''said Willy. ''Come on! He can take you to travel the space if you ask for him.''said Leon. ''Look at that planet over there.''said Allen. ''Waw! So beautiful!'' ''Meteor!''Jonathan yelled ''Open the left engines.'' ''Seal the ships and turn into control by hand.'' ''Which one?'' ''The blue one.'' ''Leon and Allen go to the weapons room now.'' ''Ladies,give me the right position. We can't leave the course.'' ''Give me the controller now.'' The UFO flew up and down quickly.Allen and Leon shot many aerolites ,but the UFO still get hit. The UFO's protect machines are perfect,so they didn't get late or hurt.''Michael,how can you understand this UFO so well?'' ''Of course! This is our ship now. And we still need to stay here for long times.So I take a look when you were sleep and change some parts.'' ''No wonder.'' everyone said

Two weeks past.They were almost arrived to the planet call ''The dark''.'' Hold the weapons and put on their clothes.''said Marry ''Wait.Eat these chocolates. It can help you to connect with those E.T, because it will change to their language. If find any clue of the humans then call the others.'' ''Okay!'' ''Let's go.'' ''Don't get lost''said Leon.


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