Saturday, April 26, 2008


After five minutes, they dismissed. Michael said '' I shouldn't let Jonathan come with us. He will break our friendship and team.'' ''Don't worry about him. Just do this work absorbed right now.'' Mary said clement. ''Okay. We need to go to the weapon factory. There is the biggest place in this planet.''Michael said ''No! We should go to the other place.That place has too many foes. '' ''But....'' ''Check the other place, first. We don't have enough time. And the smaller place is easier to control.''said Mary. '' You're right. We need the plan when we finished checking other place.''said Michael.''Okay. Now,turn right. There have a small room.'' They arrived to the room ,but they didn't see any door. ''How strange! Where's the door?''said Mary. ''Wait. Be quiet! Something is coming.''Michael said quietly '' Come on. We are late.''said the green monster ''Quickly!'' They came to wall and keep walk in. Suddenly, they disappeared in the wall. ''Well. This is easy.''said Michael ''You hold my hand. When I came in and shake your hand and then just follow in.'' ''Okay. Be carefully.''Mary said fearful. Then Michael walked into the wall. He saw lots of different creatures there. He shook his hand to show Mary to come in. It looked like no humans are here.''Mary said. But they still stay and wait for some informations. Soon, someone came up to the dais and started to talk. ''Everyone pipe down and listen. The Final Weapon is almost finished, but we still doesn't get the silver power yet. So we need to kill the Blue planet's humans to use their blood become the meterial.'' Suddenly, everyone was widespread comment. And Michael and Mary were very surprise.They ran out the room and then sent this informations to everybody. Soon,they ran back and keep listening. ''After four days in the Guilt planet.'' ''Now we know they are. Send Willy and Jean back. We need a new plan'' said Michael

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