Saturday, May 3, 2008


Michael assembled his friends and found a little room and advised together. ''We stole the Guilt planet's master plan. It's in the Building develop room.''said Leon. ''This is the latest construction. So it must have a lot of guards.''said Angela. ''We visited their appliances room.'' said Jean. ''Oh, come on. Willy,why are you so obstinate?'' said Allen. ''Hey! We borrow something great there.''said Willy. ''Borrow? Are you going to return them back?'' Suzuki said disdain. ''Watch carefully!'' said Willy. Then he took out many different boxes have different color. Willy opened a box and said'' Look at those capsules. Those have different works.'' Then Willy took out some capsules from different boxes.'' This is invisible capsules, when you eat it , you can disappaer five minutes. And this is the machine capsules. It can make your body's some parts change to machine ,and then we don't need to afraid their weapons.''said Willy. ''Well done.''said Michael.''But if they have backup.''said Suzuki.''Easy. Just get their capsules and destroyed the things we don't need and killed thr scientists'' ''Now I send the instruction manual in your watches. Look others first and so we can take the plan. ''said Jean

After half an hour, they understand all the capsules. ''We must to put the convection machine around the place of execution. And put some tiny bombs here and there.''said Suzuki. ''Dig some holes could be better.''said Mary. ''Someone needs to steerage them.'' ''I will do it.''said Michael.
''Jonathan returns.''Suzuki yelled ''Where are you going? When did I told you?''said Michael. ''Listen! They won't kill all the humans, because it's too many.'' '' What''?''said Leon. ''They locked most of them in the dungeon and made them slept for ever in the laboratory.''said Jonathan.''Really!'' ''Of course.'' ''So you...'' ''I took the weapon ran in to the dungeon and used the poison killed their scientists. And I keep them save in the tiny boxes and explain all the things.''said Jonathan. ''Well, that's great.''said Angela. ''No!''Jonathan yelled. ''What?''Mary asked. ''I can't find our parents. They told me they are going to be killed.'' Jonathan said and the tear falled.
''Don't worry! We find out the way.'' said Michael.

The day is coming. And Michael's were already to fit.

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