Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's a dark night. Jonathan, Michael ,Suzuki and Mary weared up the monsters' clothes. And they hide into market, playground, and the commissary. They walked aruond the execute place and waited for them. And Angela, Jean and Loen were checking the convection machine in the tower and under ground. But there are many guards watching around, too. Jonathan said'' What are they doing?It's time up.'' ''I don't know, but something strange.''said Michael.

Soon the chief came in to the execution ground and said ''Our mission failed, they team were got boom and they all died in the space.'' Everyone was suprised,except Michael's . ''And that also mean some of them still alive. And their were a ship return to our planet and nobody said why.'' ''So what's happening?''someone asked ''So we think somebody stow away in this planet now. And we have to kill the humans as fast as we can.'' ''Take they up.''said the guards. Soon all the human were in the execution place. ''Apish creatures, you are going to died.''said the king. ''Look! I saw my parents.''said Suzuki. He started to walked down the stairs. ''Hold on!"said Michael.''Look clearly.''said Jonathan.'' They are not human.'' ''What?''said Suzuki. ''They are just the machines wear mannequins. They know we will come, so they make this cobweb to bait us out.'' ''Jonathan
is right. Just wait!''said Michael. Then they started to killed the machine. After half an hour, the machines all get distoryed and the chief walked into the place again ''The test is over.'' ''Now bring them up and started it.''said the king. ''Now! Get start!'' Michael yelled.

They turned off the monster skin and touch the button. Soon they turn into the Steel man and they flew down. ''Oh, yoah! ''Suzuki yelled by flushed. ''Quickly! Turn up the convection machines.'' said Mary. ''Oh,no. They found a convection machine and destory it. We only have three now.''said Jean from the watch. Boom...... ''We lost one more.''said Angela. ''Just turn it on and leave there.''said Machael ''We will figure out another way.'' The convection machine start working and they only convection human. The humans get convection one by one. But a lot of boat flew and more and more guards came.They all turn into robot and hold the powerful machine gun.'' They are too many.''said Suzuki. ''Hold on I'm coming.'' said Leon. ''We need let them leave first. Keep fitting.''said Michael.

Suddenly two guards shot,Michael hide soon and shot him back. Then he pulled out his light swords and choped down two guards.But it's too many guards and Michael's can hold. ''Okay.It's done.''Angela yelled. Boom..! ''Quickly! You go first.''said Michael. ''How about you?''said Mary.''Don't worry!''said Michael. Then they all got convect. All the gun shot at Michael. But he can't opposition he didn't have power.Then he closed his eyes and abandon. Suddenly he felt a great power came out his body and he swoon.

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