Saturday, May 24, 2008


They got on the ship and ready to left the planet.''Come on! Go faster.We needed to boom this planet.''said Willy. ''Oh ,no! The geocentric is going to explode after 3 minutes.''Allen yelled. ''How can it happen?''said Angela. ''I don't know. But we have to leave now.''Allen said. ''No! Michael wasn't return yet. We can't leave him here.'' Mary cried. ''Sorry. We don't have choose. He has to take care himself.''said Jonathan. ''No!''Mary yelled. ''Take her down in to the room.''said Jonathan. ''Close the door and finish warming up the engine.'' ''Yes, sir!'' ''Good -bye Michael.''said Suzuki. ''We are going home.''said Jean and cried. And they wait and wait. Five minutes up. Boom.........!
''Michael..........!''Mary scream loudly.
Boom...! Suddenly, a silver light run out the explode planet and fly really fast in the space. ''What's that?''said Leon. ''Look it's a man.'' His whole body are all silver. And blue light came out his eyes. He has a lot of muscle. The cold air behind his legs just like star.''Miss me?'' ''Michael?'' evevyone surprised.
''Let's go home now.''said Michael ''Hurray.''everyone yelled. ''Look, this is my new lift and new power.'' ''You are super hero!'said Leon.

When they were home,Michael was really tired and he slept a long long time.They erased all the humans' memory ,because they didn't want to let them know there were a lot of E.T out of earth . So they can have a normal live. End of this , Michael lost the silver power ,but not at all. He still have some power when he need.

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