Saturday, April 12, 2008


''Why are you come back?'' ''Do you found the silver power?''the black monster that one had face fall asked. ''Not yet.''said Michael ''We forget some appliances.'' ''Where are the others?''The black monster said''Why don't you just bomb it?''The green one near the black one said intarrogative. ''Because the captoon said the sliver power is in the middle of the blue planet.'' ''So what?''said the black monster. ''Captoon said if we bomb it ,then the silver power will run away again.''said Allen.''Okay. Find out the appliances and return here quickly.'' ''You need to prepare the fastest ship for us or we will late.''said Jean '' Don't delay the mission.'' the ugly monster said. ''Yes, sir''said Michael's team. ''Wait.''said Willy. ''What's wrong?''said the monster.''Where are the appliances room?'' ''Go straight and turn right, and then keep walk straight when you see a sign call ''D.S.A. room'' then go left. Just thirteen kilometers. It's not long.'' ''What?''Leo yelld ''Any question?'' ''No.''said Michael.They walk to the door to appliances room. ''Are they crazy?''said Leon. ''Come on Leon. We won't go there anyway. And they think thirteen kilometers wasn't long,that mean they have high technology.''said Mary ''Look ! There have many cars in the sky.''said Jean.''See.''said Mary.''Don't wasting the times.''said Willy. ''Every one look at the watches I gave you.''said Michael. ''It is not a ordinary watch. I sent their map in it. And it have light and the knife.When you need help just press this a button.And we will know.''said Michael.'' We need to dismiss now.'' ''Two person become to a team.'' ''Jean and Willy are team one.Allen and Suzuki are team two. Jonathan and Angela are team three.'' ''So Michael and Mary are the team. What a good team!''said Jonathan by acidly.''Shut up !''said Angela. ''Yes. Don't bother them.''said Suzuki. ''Everybody,don't breakaway our team.We aren't start yet.''said Willy. ''Remember what's the most important now.''said Jean.''Go to the different room and find the information of them.''said Michael

''Don't get lost or it will waste our time. If someone get stock you need to help youselves.''Mary warned. ''But if we still have time, the others will come to help you.''said Michael. ''How do we leave this planet?''said Suzuki. ''Well, I think when the explore finished I will sent Willy and Jean's team to find the ship, the fastest ship, the ship we told them to prepared.''said Michael. ''Dismiss!''

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