Saturday, April 4, 2009

About my family

My family is a polite and amiable group. We always have a family reunion to talk about our ideas before we make decisions. My Dad is fair and democratic. He always lets us decide by ourselves. He can tell good jokes but he is also a cautious man. He is always worried about our tests in school. He is a friendly man, although many people think he is too serious and looks like he never laughs. My mom is a smart woman. She always does her best on everything. Her work is very hard, so every day when she returns home, she quickly falls asleep o the sofa. My brother is a selfish teenager. He always grabs the computer and punches me hard when I argue with him. Sometimes he is kind to me. He takes care of me when my parents go out. The three of them are my family and I like them very much.

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