Saturday, May 30, 2009

The place I hate to go

Wadding is the most beatiful and lovely things in people's whole life, but when after the wadding, their will have some tradition in Taiwan. These newly-married husband and wife have to treat their friends and relatives to a meal. And most of the time they treat at the side of the street. When you walk into the temporary shack, the dim light on the top of the shack.You have to sit in the circle and finish your dinner.Most people don't understand each other, so it's boring to just sit there and do nothing except eating. The floor is dirty and oily, because someone will drop food or drinks on the floor before you notice it. There are also some noisy hand puppet show, but it is the most interesting thing in the evening, although it is also boring. I don't like to go their even if it's my relative's treated.

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