Sunday, July 19, 2009

My wonderful bedroom

My bedroom may be small, but it has all the things that you can imagine in a normal bedroom. It is untidy and narrow. When you walk in to the room, you will see a world map on the coffee color door. Open the great door, and a dark table will attract your eyes suddenly, because it is the tidiest thing in my bedroom. On the top of the table, there are several books and dictionaries. A bright table lamp is to the left side of it. There is a bigger desk on the right side. Two book moutains are stay at that desk along with test paper, models and some collectable magnets. Behind that desk is a pencil clothes stand with casual clothes and lots of strange things. On the top of it is a old cowboy hat and a large wind bell. My warm, comfortable bed is at the other side of the room. I sleep on the bottom burk and the top burk bed is where I put towels and old pillows. There are few idols' pictures on the wall. Three tall bookcases are in the three different nooks and each of them is full of books, comics, and some science magazines. Many books with different subjects are on the dusty floor. Although it's a tiny, dirty room, it is also the place where I have grown up.

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