Saturday, December 1, 2007

LAKERS's most inportant property----Kobe Bryant

Lakers won many championship. Why they can won that many championship?Because they have a great player,Kobe Bryant.Kobe Bryant is a young player.Although he play in NBA for a long time .That's because he start play in NBA,when he was in senior high school.He play NBA for 11 yaers.He scored 81 points in last year.He scored 50 points successive many games,too.He won the MVP of NBA stars last year.He also help team won many championship. Everything he do was a record.He is a record ,too.

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ASC4@ ALC said...

My name is Young. I don't watch basketball games, but I've heard about Kobe Bryant. He is famous. Many people in my class are his fans. They usually say Bryant is very good. And after reading your post, I admire him more. I think his is really a good player.