Sunday, December 30, 2007


Michael,a boy is thirteen year old.He is not a ordinary student in the junior high.He is the smartest child in the school.But he is very week.So many bad students who dislike him like to prank to him.Then he change the school to evade them.But he also has some goood friends.One day Michael and his friends go camping to the mountain.When they are leaving ,Michael see a big meteor fall down.Then he go to the back of the mountain to see the meteor along.When he get there,it has a big hole on the ground.He touch the rock and then a shinny fluid flow out the rock.Suddenly,the fluid change to solid stitch and shoot into Michael's body fast.After this night
something begin weird.Michael doesn't need glasses anymore.He can run more faster and jump
realy high.The most inportant is he can fly.He gets a magical power.He doesn't need to afraid of
the bad students.But many trouble is coming too.

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