Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chapter 1

Today is a cloudless and ordinary day. The children go to school to learn and the office workersgo to the company. But today is a important day for Michael. Because it is his first day to study in the new jenior high school. ''Wake up Michael,you are late.''said Mrs.Brown. ''Wait,I have to cleaning out my schoolbag.'' said Michael. Twenty minute later, Michael run down the stair. '' Hurry up we need to go to see principal first.''said Mrs.Brown. Then they get in the car and drive to the school. When they at the principal room is almost nine o'clock.The principal look at them vexed. ''Sorry principal, my son get headache this morning. So I took him for the doctor. That's why we late.''said Mrs.Brown. '' Ha mom , we didn't .......'' Mrs.Brown glare at Michael.Then soon Michael shout up. ''Oh,I forgive you. Everybody has been sick.Michael ,your mother is greatness.Do you know? '' said principal. ''Thank you .I hope so.'' said Michael.The principal takeMichael to vist and admire the school.Then they go to second grade the class eight,Michael's new class. ''This is your teacher Ms.Lin''said principal.''How do you do,Ms Lin.''said Michael.''How do you do,''said Ms Lin. She take Michael into the classroom and introduce him.This is Michael ,our new classmate.''The students clapped for Michael ,But there are students don't welcome him.''You can sit by Mary''said Ms.Lin.Then Michael walk to the seat.Suddenly,a leg stretck out Michael's way and make him fall down.'' What are you doing Jonathan.''said Ms. Lin.''I just say hello to our new classmate.''said Jonathan.Michael keep walk to his seat.His new school life is begining.

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Anonymous said...

Good start Ethen. I hope you can add more to the story in the second chapter. I'm curious to see what happens to Michael as he begins his new school life.
One thing. If Mrs. Brown is Michael's mother, you should say so. Or introduce Michael as Michael Brown and say his age, etc.