Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter 4

After four months, It's summer. As usual, Michael go to the school , walk into the same classroom , talk to the friends and other classmate. He is very famou now , because he scored highest on every test in the school .When the bell ring , Ms.Lin walk into the classroom quick and delighted. She puts down her textbooks and say''I'm going to tell you a good news.'' '' Really? How great. Can we burn down the school?''said Jonathan ''Shout up and listen.''everyone said. '' We are going to the summer camp''said Ms. Lin ''Hurray!''everyone yelled ''It's this friday to sunday .We have many journeys in three days .Iwill remind you on Wednesday again. So you can have more to prepare your bags.''said Ms. Lin

Soon, the friday come. Everyone has many backpacks and some reticules. They bring some desserts and something for drinks. Some people bring mp3 , play station , ipod , pokers and some necessaries. And everyone should bring scout rope and team flags. Then they sit on the buses and go to the campsite. After three hours, they arrive to the campsite. And they run to the plaza.'' Hellow everyone! I'm Lisa , your chief trainer. So you need to listen to me now. I only have three rules. First, deference elder. Second,be amicable to people. Especially Jonathan.Your
teacher told me your probrom. I will watch you. Third , be secure. Okay.Dismiss!''said Lisa. The teams go to their camping ground and make the tents.Then they prepare for the show contest tonight.

Soon, the night come.Everyone go to the plaza again.Michael's class is going to perform '' Hatchet''and some clssmates are musical instruments going to accompainment .The result come out.Michael's class win the champion.And they cheer in the camping ground. Ms.Lin orders some pizzas for students and urge they sleep.

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