Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chapter 3

When Michael return home, he tell his mom all the the interest things in the school. He tell his mom Ms.Lin is really kind to him and there are many friendly students in the class, too.Any he say they want Michael to be their friend. Mrs.Brown is happy to listen this. But Michael doesn't tell her anything about Jonathan. Because he doesn't want to change the school again. At the night,Michael's family have a little party for him.They celebrate for Michael study on the new school life. Michael enjoy the party.
After a month, Michael know the school well. He never think about Jonathan said before. He still play with Mary.He thought Mary has a power attracts him. He thought when Mary leave ,he will become depressed.And Michael get more early to the school,because he wants to quickly to see Mary. He also hate Mary look at the other He thought he fall in love.
When the second lesson finish,he take Wily to the bathroom.'' Why are you so nervous to talk to me .'' said Wily ''Because I'm going to tell you my big secret'' said Michael.''Oh, really. What is it ?''said Wily '' Come closer''said Michael. Michael look around the bathroom. Make sure nobody is in the bathroom.''Quickly''said Wily ''Okay!Don't tell anyone.''said Michael.''Oh, I promise.''said Wily. ''I think I love Mary.''said Michael.''What ? Are you crazy? I think you should go to the hospital and have some check.''said Wily ''Ha!I'm seriously.''said Michael ''Sorry.But do you remenber what Jonathan said before?''said Wily ''I know. I know. But Mary's school result is good. She is beautiful and courteous. And she is friendly to everyone. She never disagree with people ,too.''said Michael.''If she has attraction, so she must has a fascination for boys. Include you. Then you have many rival. You must be more carefully. If they dislike you, and then you really get a big trouble.''said Wily ''Okay,thanks. I will watch out.''said Michael ''What!You need to observe Mary. You need to observe everyone who talkto Mary.Maybe you can find who love Mary,too.''said Wiy.''Thanks.''said Michael Then they return to the classroom.
Michael track Mary whole week.Now he know Mary well. He know where is her favorite places, her friends and someone who love her. At the Sunday night,Michael run to Wily's house and have some plan.
The next day,Michael run to the school. He run to Mary's seat and put something in her drawer. Then he sit down and wait for her. Soon Mary come into the classroom. She say hello to Michael and take some books out. Suddenly the card and the present drop out.She pick them up and open them. Michael is too bashful so he run out the classroom. But he still hiding behind the door and peeking at Mary. Then she smile and look at Michael. She nod at Michael and say okay to him. Suddenly Michael start yell ,screm snd run up and down.Because Mary promiseto be his girlfriend.

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