Sunday, November 1, 2009

Embarrasing experience

That day was the day I won't forget in my whole life. That's the afternoon of a cold sunny day when I was practicing in the swimming pool. It's our school team's trainning time and the coach was there,too. We always swam a lots for a long time. All of my friends liked to trick the others during the break time and the day someone showed us a new way to use the swamming caps. He made the strange sound by it and when you put it near the bottom that would just like the fart sound. After the short break time we often had the time racing. And then I borrowed the swimming cap and try to make the same sound, suddenly a large sound appeared, boom! My face turned in white and soon turned to green and I looked at the two pieces of the cap in my hands. And the time which is also his turn for the time race. I think people would know what will happen to me in the next second. It was the moment that I will remember in less of my life.         

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