Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chapter 2

Ding Ding Ding,the bell ring.The class was over.Ms .Lin came to talked to Michael. ''How was your first lesson.'' said Ms.Lin. ''Great!'' said Michael. ''Okay. If you have any questions I'm in the teacher's rest room.'' said Ms.Lin. ''Thank you Ms.Lin.''said Michael. Then Ms.Lin walked out the classroom.Two minutes later, Jonathan came with five students. ''Hey boy!This is my way .If you still want to be save.Then you must be carefully.And talk to me humbly.Or your mother will visit you in the hospital.Do you understand?'' said Jonathan. ''Maybe.''said Michael.''Good!Now last thing, leave Mary along.''said Jonathan ''I will think about it.''said Michael. Jonathan clicked his fingers. Suddenly Tom hit on his face.''Don't test me again.''said Jonathan.''Let''s go,''said Jonathan.He felt his bone broke and the blood came out.A tissues appeared on Michael face.He looked up. He saw a man had orange Afro. '' Hello!My name is Willy.''said Willy ''Thanks. My name is Michael. How do you do?.''said Michael. ''How do you do.Forget it, they always do that to the new students. I have been tease before.''said Willy.I look at his face. There are many freckles on it. He has brown hair and double fold eyelid. '' We will become good friends.''said Michael ''Yes.I think so.''said Willy.'' Let me introduce my friends for you. They are really kind to me.You can be friends, too. And they also hate Jonathan. Leon , who was sitting on the rostrum. Watch out. He also have bad temper. Allen was sitting by the window. He always have some ideas. And Suzuki was in the bathroom now.He is Japanese. He is very timid. And last,Angela ,Jean , and Mary are our friends ,too.''said Willy.''But Jonathan told me don't approach her. And he must told you before.''said Michael.''That is because Jonathan want to own Mary.But Mary think he is like a barbarian. She like to be a normal person.So she approach with us,''said Willy. Ding Ding Ding.The bell ring again.Students came into the classroom.

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