Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chapter 6

''Where am I?'' ''You finally wake up''said Allen ''Don't worry. We are on the bus. How about you?'' ''Me?''said Michael by doubt ''Of course . You sleep all the day and missed the third day's journeys .We are on the way home.''said Willy ''I don't know.But I have big headache now.''said Michael.''What's wrong with you?''said Leon ''I can't remember anything.''said Michael ''Okay.Everyone reture to your seat.We are still on the bus now.'' said Ms.Lin and she walks to Michael ''Are you all right? You make me really worry!'' '' I'm find thank you.''said Michael

After three hours,they return to the school. It's ten p.m. Every parents are waiting for them in the school. Ms.Lin take Michael to his parents and narrate Michael's problem to let them know.
When they return home, Mrs.Brown yelled ''What's wrong with you? Do you think you can use this way to shirk?'' ''No,I don't !'' Michael yelled ,too ''Can you vow it?'' ''Are you think be in sleep is eazy? I really have problem.If you don't know anything then shut up.'' Michael run to his room. ''Come back .I 'm talking to you. Don't yelled at me. I'm still you mom.''said Mrs.Brown by vexed. '' Who care''

ring.......ring.........ring..................ring.............................It's morning.''Wake up Michael.You are late for the school''said Mrs.Brown After ten minutes. kong, kong, kong,open the door or you won't have breakfast. Mrs.Brown walks up stair and takes the key to open Michael's room door.When she come in the room,but nobody there. The window is open and his schoolbag is disappear,too.

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