Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chapter 5

ring〉.....〈ring〉....〈ring〉...........〈ring〉~~〈boom〉Allen beated on the alarm clock ''That ‘s better.’’ Allen said by small voice 〈ring〉........〈ring〉.......〈kiong〉''Shut up.’’ Then many pillows threw to Suzuki. ‘‘ Turn off that damned clock or I will kill you.’’ Leon yelled loudly. ''Okay Okay. I’m not that clock . I can’t control.’’ Suzuki grumbled.……….…. 〈ring〉..............Everyone hold on their pillows and ready to threw to Suzuki. ‘‘ Wait!Listen. It’s not the clock.’’ said Michael. ‘‘There had some light outside. Be quiet!Let’s see what’s out there.’’ said Willy ‘‘No way. It ‘s dark.’’ said Suzuki ‘‘ What’s wrong ? Are you afraid? Little coward’’ said Leon. ‘‘Hey!'' '' Sorry!'' said Leon.. ‘‘Never mind. Let’s go. Don’t forget the flashlights.'' ‘‘Okay.’’They opened the door, and they looked around. ‘‘Quickly!Don’t let teachers find us ,or we will get punish ’’said Willy. ‘‘ Look!It’s in the mountain. We have to go there.’’ said Michael Then they climbed and ran to the top off the mountain. When they at the halfway up to the hill Michael found something ‘‘ Wait!Look, we have some activities here.’’ ‘’Forget it. We need to go higher. ''After five minutes, they got on the summit. ‘‘Where is the UFO?’’ said Leon ‘‘I saw it descended here. But why?’’ said Michael ‘‘Maybe you need to change the new glasses.’’ said Allen ‘‘ You are tired. You need to sleep longer.’’ said Suzuki ‘‘If nothing else, I want to go back to the room.’’ said Leon ‘‘Yah’’ ‘‘Come on, Michael’’ said Willy ‘‘ You go first. Don’t wait for me. I will keep up with you’’ said Michael ‘‘Okay’’Michael sit down and be in daze. ‘‘I saw it, but where is it? Maybe that’s why everybody said the E.T isn’t exists. Maybe I’m too oversensitive.’’ Michael standed up and ready to go. Something falled down the tree. It’s an UFO. Michael was exciting, but scared, too. He turned on the flashlight and walked slowly to the UFO. He checked it carefully. Suddenly the fluid flew out slowly. Michael felt curious, then he touched the fluid. Suddenly, the fluid climbed on Michael’s body really fast. ‘‘Help!’’Michael shuted. After one minutes, the fluid disappear. And Michael tranced. But nobody thought he was disappeared.

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